K&KC explores music with self knowledge and healing intention. The songs are plural and uplifting, yet each track also receives a meditative “sound journey” version.

For this project, we teamed up with our dear friend and executive producer Kim Jackson (Vintage Culture; Pontifexx), who has been a huge help providing market, show business vision & electronic world music references. 

King Crab’s partner Diego Filomeno was borrowed to be in charge for most of the song writing, arrangements and production, with contributions from the group's other members and music guests. The sonority was built mainly upon the use of alternative rock, folk instruments and vocalization in a more electronic or meditative context, including layers extracted from Sour-C material (see below). Our first album was pre-mixed by King Crab, pos-mixed and mastered in collab with Sonasterio Studio.

Terra e espaço

Like all of our projects, Sour-C also explores a mix

of genres, mostly alternative rock, folk, electronic, brazilian music and deep ethnic choirs.


Its sonority is evidently similar to Kimera & The King Crab’s, however the band also explores darker sounds, slow tempo ballads, music covers and heavier lyrics.


We are so proud working with this brand new talent, young singer and song writer.


Our main challenge was to transform her lyrics into songs.

After a great look at the artists she loves, we came up with the full melodies and arrangements, also conducting the recording sessions and the whole musical production for her first album, to be released in late 2021.


King Crab can be considered our escape valve once, under this name, we allow ourselves to explore the different sounds, such as Brazilian music roots, soundtracks, regional instruments, among others.

With extreme freedom and without the commitment to fit the sounds in a box, King Crab makes it possible for us to discover sound territories not yet navigated, as well as rescue advertising/commercial projects and create new versions in the Director Cut style.